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"This book provides detailed background on everything one would need to explore the real-life locales in Dublin that the devotee of the supernatural has only read about. Other scholars should follow Showers's lead and prepare guidebooks to other cities or regions that have served as the settings for ghostly fiction."

-S.T. Joshi, Dead Reckonings

"A thoroughly enjoyable read: it is reader-friendly, witty, literate (without in any sense masquerading as literary criticism), and informed."

-Mark M. Hennelly Jr., Le Fanu Studies

"This is a near-perfect guide to Dublin's bloodiest pubs, churches and cemeteries--places of "melancholy picturesqueness" and great literary import."

-Liisa Ladouceur, Rue Morgue

"This book is a delight for the armchair traveller."

-David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales

"This book provides a thoroughly enjoyable adventure into the darkness of Gothic Dublin making you want to go and walk the streets of the city."

-Gwilym Games, Machenalia

"Brian J. Showers has produced a treasure trove of wondrous details about Dublin. This book is a 'must read' for visitors to Dublin and students of the Gothic or macabre."

-Peter McClean, Albedo 1

"In Brian J. Showers' new Gothic Dublin we are given a glimpse of places in the city's murky and bloody past that shaped the minds of some of the most important and influential gothic writers of the 19th Century."

-Dublin People

"If you like literary tours then you cannot fail to enjoy these in the company of Mr. Showers' [book] and the ghosts. "

-David Rowlands, The Ghosts & Scholars M.R. James Newsletter

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