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by Brian J. Showers
Illustrations by Duane Spurlock
Introduction by Jim Rockhill
Cover art by Scott Hampton

Mercier Press, March 2008
ISBN: 978-1-85635-578-0 (hardback)

Sold Out

The first 125 copies of The Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost Stories sold through this website included the following:
-- Ghostly Rathmines: A Visitor's Guide, a companion booklet limited to 125 numbered copies containing artefacts, images, and photographs from locations in the stories in The Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost Stories.

-- A numbered bookplate featuring a new illustration by Duane Spurlock; signed by Brian J. Showers (author), Duane Spurlock (illustrator), Jim Rockhill (introduction), and Scott Hampton (cover art).

-- An audio recording of 'Oil on Canvas' read by the author with music by Jeremy Holmstadt.

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