by Brian J. Showers, © October 2010

Here we are in October, easily my favourite time of year—and hopefully one that you enjoy too. Autumn is a time when we can indulge in the lengthening shadows, when it’s ok to be just a little bit more scared of the dark. After all, the nights are getting longer. Here’s another batch of offerings, little votives for your television screen. So turn off the lights, pull the blanket around your shoulders and prepare for a shudder or two. Boo!

I must apologise--this year I didn't have time to write up descriptions of each film. Still, there's lots here for your to explore, and with luck I'll eventually fill in the blanks with my own assessments. Enjoy!

1. THE TENANT (La locataire), Directed by Roman Polanski, France, 1976

2. BURNT OFFERINGS, Directed by Dan Curtis, USA, 1976

3. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, Directed by Frank Capra, USA, 1944

4. NEAR DARK Directed by Katherine Bigelow, USA, 1987

5. THE BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS, Directed by Robert Florey, USA, 1946

6. THE RAY BRADBURY THEATER, Various directors, USA/Canada/New Zealand, 1986-1992

7. A PLEASING TERROR, Performed by Robert Lloyd Parry, UK, 2009

8. JACOB'S LADDER, Directed by Adrian Lyne, USA, 1990

9. THE CALL OF CTHULHU, Directed by Andrew Leman, USA, 2005

10. THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, Directed by Ti West, USA, 2009

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